​How we got here...

Lets Promote the Earth, Local Businesses and Ourselves One Blast At A Time

    Blast was born from years of experience, dreams, creativity and desire. After years of fine tuning our skills in the hospitality industry, from washing dishes and fast food to bartending and management to molecular gastronomy and running high volume hot spots, we created Blast to showcase it all!

        We want Blast to not just be a place to get ice cream, rather a place to experience and get the best ice cream. Ice cream that has you in mind. We have designed Blast with an early 1900s (Prohibition) style to represent a time when foods weren’t full of chemicals, emulsifiers, or dyes or have to travel for thousands of miles before landing on your plate. When stepping into Blast we want you to have a blast from the past. Let the music, “Jerks” (our employees) and deliciousness take you back and rid you of the days stress.

        The fun continues as we blast you into the future with our “futuristic” techniques to present our ice cream. Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) is added to each order as our freezing method. LN2 BOILS at -320 degrees Fahrenheit!! This is perfectly safe and is simply compressed nitrogen (79% of the air we breathe) in a liquid state. This incredibly fast freezing process creates a microscopic sized crystal which means it’s as creamy as you can get! As it freezes your order, you are treated to a scientific show as it emanates its fog out of the bowl and onto the counter which kids and the kid in us all love.

     Blast has a deep commitment to the environment, honesty in food, and keeping chemicals out of our ice cream and you!  We utilize local, organic farms whenever possible. We make our house chocolate fudge sauce using pure organic cocoa powder. Our house butterscotch is made with cane sugars and organic cream. The house marshmallow cream uses cage free eggs and organic vanilla. Even our molecular gastronomy techniques utilize natural ingredients!

     We hope to have the pleasure to serve you soon and introduce you to what we think will be the new way you view ice cream and keep you coming back frequently!!