​​​Southern Apple Pie

Sauteed Sweet and Tart Organic Caramelized Apples, Fall Spices, Graham Cracker Crust

City of Angels TKO​

All natural peanut butter,organic bananas, ​house made chocolate sauce

House-Made Butterscotch

House-Made Whipped Cream​





Crushed graham crackers, house made chocolate fudge,  bruleed house made marshmallow cream

Kettle Korn
Fresh popcorn, Himalayan sea salt, turbinado, 


Jack and the Giant Peach

Grilled Peaches, Jack Daniels Caramel, Lemon Ricotta Foam

​​Ole' Fashion

Angostura marinated Cherries, fresh orange zest, ole' fashion bitters foam. 

Fall Fetish

Sweet Potato Ice Cream, Pepitas, Torched Brown Sugar Marshmallow Cream, Tart Cranberry Foam

Organic cacao nibs


Fresh Organic Strawberries



Sky Bar

Vanilla, fresh organic strawberries, organic coconut, vanilla whip 

Golden Goat

Goat cheese foam bed, local honey beads, honey drizzle

Key Lime Pie

Fresh pressed limes, lime zest, crushed graham cracker, vanilla whip

Oatmeal Raisin

Cinnamon/Vanilla ice cream, organic raisins, steel cut oats

Hydrox Cookies

Malt Powder




Strawberry Fields

Fresh organic strawberry, basil candy syrup, citrus vanilla foam

Maple Monkey

Carmalized bananas grade B maple syrup, walnuts, 

​Once Upon A Vine

Cranberry and Pecan Ice Cream, Mulled Wine Reduction, Torched Brown Sugar Marshmallow Cream, Candied Citrus RInd

Say Cheese...Cake!

Strawberry Ice Cream,Chocolate Sauce, Graham Cracker Crust, Cheesecake Foam

Harmonious blend of fresh organic strawberries with our creamy base. The way nature intended.

Organic, fair trade cocoa powder.The true chocolate flavor.

House-Made Marshmallow Cream

House-Made Chocolate Fudge Sauce



What The... Oh My Thats Good

Fresh organic strawberries, goat cheese foam, balsamic reduction swirl


Spiced carrot reduction,raisins, pecans, cream cheese frosting

Organic, fair trade, triple fold extract and ground vanilla bean. Incomparable taste.

House-Made ​Balsamic Pearl



House pressed ginger, crsytallized ginger and maple ginger cookie 


Strauss organic ice cream base, Pure organic and simple! With all organic cream, milk, eggs, and sugar, this is a great building block for your creativity, and ours.

House-Made Honey Pearls