Blast Ice Cream is changing everything you know about Ice Cream and the Ice Cream Truck.    

As you take in our menu, you will notice that while we offer the best Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla scoops around, the heart of the menu is our one of a kind,  personal sundaes.  Each Sundae on our Seasonal menu has been designed to present to you a beautifully created taste bud explosion of perfectly layered flavors and textures.

Why Sundaes?…. taking an approach to ice cream as a bartender does a cocktail, or a chef to a dish, focusing on Sundaes allows us to bring you different elements, textures and flavor combinations beyond that of the traditional scoop of ice cream, where all components are frozen together. Our insanely popular "So Much S'more" is topped with a homemade brown sugar marshmallow cream that is bruleed before being finished with our scratch made chocolate sauce and then served. The "Jack and the Giant Peach" is brought to its glory with a smothering of our Jack Daniels cinnamon caramel and finished with a lemon scented ricotta foam. These would never be possible with traditional scoop style ice cream.

Each of our Sundaes has its own unique beginning.  Some begin with a desire to focus on one ingredient.  Some are flavor combinations to be built upon. While others are renditions of cocktails, or food, that just screamed for a "Blast" style version.  Regardless of its origin, our sundaes take weeks, to months, to perfect before they hit our menu and your pallet!

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