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....Of course, as with any cocktail or dish, it can only be as good as the sum of its parts.  Blast is in constant pursuit of the finest organic ingredients available.  All of our ice cream starts with a beautifully simple base, made with 5 organic ingredients, no chemicals, dyes, preservatives or stabling agents necessary.  Blast works with local organic farms to provide only the freshest produce and finest flavor as well as supporting health, local jobs, and the environment.  Our vanilla is organic Fair Trade and,after months of research and testing, is the best real vanilla available.  All of our chocolate products start as organic, Fair Trade, non-alkalized ground cacao.  The sugar used in all of our recipes is organic cane sugar.  We even grind Ceylon (true) cinnamon for its smooth and floral flavor as well as its low amount of Coumarin,which is found in traditional cinnamon,and can be harmful to the liver and kidney.

Our Ingredients...

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