top of page more than just a fun ,foggy show at Blast.  With the right ingredients ln2 creates a phenomenal ice cream.  This is yet another reason Blast strives to use only the best ingredients.  With a boiling point of  -320 degrees F, the freezing process happens in seconds.  This is how we are able to make every ice cream to order.. This incredibly fast freeze is also extremely beneficial to the texture of our ice cream..  As something freezes, ice crystals form, and the faster something freezes the smaller the ice crystal is that has formed.  The size of these ice crystals play a significant role in the texture and “mouth feel” of ice cream.  Smaller ice crystals…creamier Ice Cream!

Liquid Nitrogen (Ln2) ...

Is That Safe!?...We get asked that all the time and yes, it is safe!

When properly handled, and safety precautions are in place, Liquid nitrogen is completely safe. Nitrogen (79% of the air we breathe) is filtered, and then goes through a compressing and warming process, turning it into a liquid state.  Liquid nitrogen is actually boiling at -320*F, which is what the fog or “smoke” you see when your ice cream is being made.  Or maybe you’ve had our “Kettle Corn Sundae that is garnished with frozen steaming popcorn.  Once the nitrogen has boiled away, or the steam has stopped, the nitrogen is gone.

Handling liquid nitrogen must be done very carefully.  Any prolonged exposure will freeze basically anything it touches, but if in quick contact a cool thing happens called the Leidenfrost effect.  Just like when a drop of water hits a hot pan and rolls around, the same thing happens when small a drop of nitrogen hits your skin. The effect is caused by the extreme differences in temperature which creates a layer of steam between the water and hot pan, or nitrogen and our skin.  HOWEVER, what we can not protect you from is becoming addicted to Blast Ice Cream and Brain Freeze!

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