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The reclaimed wood covered trailer adorned with flower boxes and hand drawn chalk board menus are the first sign that this is not your average ice cream “truck”. We strive to instill and offer creativity, thinking and experiencing outside the norm.  

Our inspiration and theme is a harmonious combination of farm to table and prohibition. Both represent our idea of fresh food as well as a time before the mass processing of food.

...The "New Skool" aspect of Blast is our Liquid Nitrogen freezing method that is relatively new, as well as our custom Sundaes and methods of creating them. Our "Old Skool" is the use of fresh produce, creating everything from scratch, and using pure ingredients to make them.  While using "Old Skool" ingredients with "New Skool" pairings we present the "New, Old Skool".

We don’t make regular Ice Cream so why have a regular truck!

New, Old Skool...

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