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Most of our mornings are spent reading news on the latest in the food world.  Whether it's on marketing schemes, corporate purchases, food trends or any other plethora of topics that abound, one thing is clear. . . . Consumers are consistently demanding more truth in the food they eat.  We couldn’t be happier about this!  Sadly, we are still inundated with advertisements of $1 menu items, manipulative advertising and smoke and mirror “healthier” choices and we couldn’t be sicker.  At some point we were led to believe that food should cost next to nothing and not to question it, thanks government, lobbyists, and big corporations!

When the dream of Blast became a reality we knew that we wanted to do something different and that we wouldn’t serve anything that wasn’t true and as clean as possible. We feel that our product is one of the healthiest things most people consume a day!  Ice cream is known for being just fat and sugar' and while that is true to some degree' the source matters significantly.  Our organic cream, real organic cane sugar, locally grown organic produce, and all around 100% real food far outweighs the mass produced dairy, processed sugar, chemical food coloring, binding agents, chemical emulsifiers etc.  that are in most other ice creams..  But what about low fat/ low sugar Ice Cream? At Blast we feel there is a close link between processed foods and health.  Our bodies don’t know what to do with the cancer causing sugar substitute of the week, or the chemicals used to substitute natural fat that our bodies do need.  The explosion of cancer, diabetes and all the other horrible diseases out there began to increase as food became more of a laboratory production than a labor of love and nourishment.

As diet fads come and, go and laboratories feverishly look to design the next miracle pill with never ending side effects, we feel that eating real food that our bodies are built for processing, in the right amounts is the path to follow.  Of course, no one is perfect, and we all have our splurges, we want Blast to not only be a ……but one that your body can be grateful for as well!

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